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Dive the Blue Hole For an experienced diver, no visit to Belize is complete without a trip to the world-famous Blue Hole. A mecca for scuba enthusiasts, the Blue Hole is a sink hole located within the Lighthouse Reef Atoll that spans 1000 feet in diameter and measures 408 feet at its deepest point.  Click here to Dive the Blue Hole
Diving Diving with us in Belize With the turquoise waters of the Caribbean spanning as far as the eye can see, Belize beckons watersports enthusiasts. Whether you snorkel, scuba, kayak or are looking to try something new, St. George’s Caye Resort is the perfect place to dive right in. Click here
Island Spa Visit Our Island Spa An oasis in the midst of St. George’s Caye Resort’s lush gardens, the Island Spa is the place to be when you’re ready to let all your cares melt away. Massages, scrubs, wraps and more await you in this cozy sanctuary dedicated to the ultimate in pampering...
Click here
Dining Ocean Side Dining A private moonlit dinner, overlooking the sea as you enjoy a deliciously prepared meal and personal service. You will be treated to a memorable dining experience every night you are in Belize... Click here

Sunrise Conference Center

This is not your stuffy old meeting room!  Our first class 2500 square foot conference room complete with high-back leather chairs and boardroom table, and featuring a panoramic view of the open Caribbean Sea to the north, south and east is perfect for small meetings and social gatherings alike.  You will enjoy the large private balcony, wireless internet service, wall-to-wall hardwood floors, and again the magnificent view.

  • Wedding receptions
  • Family gatherings
  • Business retreat meetings
  • Catered food with custom menus
  • Beverage and bar service
  • Audio visual service
  • Floral service
  • Presentations of local attractions
  • Underwater video preview
Sunrise Conference Center

Planning your event with us is a breeze!

Please contact us for rates and availability.

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St George's Caye Resort

Three room type options with three attractive price points…

Oceanfront and Over-the-Sea Cabanas (our preferred rooms)

Ocean View Cabanas (same cabana, but with Garden and Ocean view)

Diver’s Den Lodge Rooms

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